Monday, November 1, 2010

New spicy tablerunner and the start of a new quilt

This is a new sample I just finished up last night for the local quilt shop. I think it's called Spicy Spiral tablerunner... I don't remember the designer's name. The pattern makes a 42" runner but I adapted it to use a shorter wedge so it's 36"... perfect for my coffee table. It's going to be hanging in the quilt shop for quite a while so I might just have to make another one. I used mostly batiks in greens and brown. If anyone wants the pattern, contact Sue at
I started a new quilt... just the center is done. This is another sample piece for the quilt shop. It's a baby quilt with a medallion center... lots of black and white with dusty aqua and gray. I know I wasn't going to start any more new quilts....BUT... this one will be pretty quick and easy. It'll be displayed at the shop for a year or so and then I'll probably give it to my mom for her church auction or donate it to the hospital up here.. I don't know anyone with a new baby boy..darn.


Rebecca P said...

Deb, that spiral table runner is so cool, I think I've seen the pattern somewhere.
Now I love the aqua & black dresdan, but it doesn't look like a baby quilt to me. Hum, I know no new baby boys either.
Sounds like you are one busy lady making all those samples. I love seeing what you have made.

jacqui-bug said...

Deb I love the runner, its gorgeous, and the colours of the dresden are definitely my cup of tea lol Glad I found you on here :) Lots of inspiration for me :)

Mom Christensen said...

How did you adapt the pattern for the shorter wedge? I want to make a shorter one, but don't have fabric to "goof" trying things.

Northern Deb said...

Hi Mom, The pattern wants you to start with a 21-1/2" wedge (I think) but I started with one that was maybe 18"? Whatever one you use, start with the highest number and go down in increments of 3/4" following the pattern instructions. When you are done, you'll have to cut a few STRAIGHT pieces (mine were about 2-1/4" wide..I cut 4 of them) to link your two curves. You'll understand if you have the pattern and are familar with how it's made. I staggered these straight pieces by 3/4" just as the wedges are staggered. Hope this helps.

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