Wednesday, November 15, 2017

American Jane beauty

My American Jane quilt is coming along nicely but not without many HICCUPS.
I added a small border on the New York Beauty center... A black one.. Didn't like it so I took it off. I added the tape measure border instead, a 2" border. That was too bold so I cut it down to a 1/2" border...much better. Then I added a1-1/2" text border which I liked but felt it needed something bolder to frame it. So I cut a1/2" off and added a 1/2" black border. Didn't like that so got out the seam ripper AGAIN and replaced the black with a red. BETTER.

SO next I started adding the star point. The polka dot fabric is a scrap I found for 10 cents at a resale's vintage linen and I love it! Well, I had just enough to do 8 triangles. I started putting the pieces together ...above pic... And noticed the dots on the right formed a weird snake shape at the seam. So I got that darn seam ripper out again and restitched my blocks. It's not perfect but better. 

Now to start the corners.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

A UFO and some secret sewing

This week I made a Christmas pillow for someone that sent me a HUGE amount of fabric without wanting/needing anything in return as part of #getyourquiltywishesgranted.

She likes Cotton + Steel Xmas fabric, something I don't have and couldn't find at our LQSs. So I used what Cotton + Steel I DID have and made this hexagon tree. There's a text print binding on this pillow because she works at a library.... ๐Ÿ“š Hoping she likes it. 

So the other project this week is getting this 4 year old UFO finished up. Its a row robin that a bunch of ladies from Charlevoix helped create. I did the row of trees and sent that off with some of my favorite Fig Tree fabrics. I had nine beautiful rows at the end but just never got around to stitching them together. The top is finished and basted. With any luck this will be a finished quilt before Thanksgiving. There are loads of leftover scraps so it looks like I'll be doing at least one more Fig Tree quilt. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Finishing a wedding quilt & starting American Jane medallion quilt

The quilt for my nephew and niece in law (?) is quilted and bound...just a bit more hand stitching of the binding and we can call it done!

That makes TWO finishes for October! Yay!

And since I have finishes, I don't feel a bit guilty starting something new. ...not a bit...well, maybe a teeny tiny bit but I'll get over it.

I participated in INSTAGRAMs #getyourquiltywishesgranted. I granted 21 wishes and received 6 WONDERFUL envelopes of American Jane fabrics. I've been wanting to make an American Jane quilt for years. 

So here's my center. I found the pattern for this block in my Quiltmania magazine. Now I'll add border after border until my medallion quilt is large enough to suit me. 

My next border will be either flying geese, half square triangles or some type of arrow. I love medallion quilts...I never know what it's going to look like till it's done.

Monday, October 16, 2017

An October finish!

This old UFO from 2009 or so is finished and on it's way to my brother in Northern California. If any of you were part of the Block Central quilt forum back in the day you might recognize these "happy blocks". We had a drawing between quilts from all over the world. Each of us that wanted in on the drawing would make two HAPPY BLOCKS (square in a square) using the theme picked by the previous winner. This group that I won was called Outdoors. It has bears, leaves, fish, ... Well lots of "guy" type prints. We always had two winners... Everyone sent one block to each of the winners. I decided, way back then, to alternate with off white blocks with plaid centers...something that would be in keeping with a mans quilt. Then I thought a brown and cream half square triangle sashing would really pop the blocks...and it does. BUT making those HSTs is why this has been a UFO for so long. 
Well, my brother turns 60 in a few days so I thought it was time to finish this up for him... Plus this is my year to get as many of these unfinished quilts done. #finishitup2017

And now onto the next project..I'm doing a wedding quilt for my nephew and his new bride. They picked this quilt above and now we are trying to decide on a backing. Hopefully this is finished up in October too.

Friday, October 13, 2017

The quilt tops are piling up

This very old UFO is a top! Yay!! 

Today I should be able to get it pin basted....get it quilted over the weekend,....bound on Monday...and mailed to my brother on Tuesday. His birthday is a week from Saturday. I think there's a little wiggle room in that schedule...

These blocks were from an online swap with quilter friends back in...?...maybe 2009? We all made blocks using an outdoor theme, then there was a drawing and I won. I've always planned on this being a guys quilt...just took forever to get it pieced. It's not my type of fabrics/colors so I kind of procrastinate working on it.

And here's project number 2...I have a nephew that was married and is now having a reception....I want them to have a quilt. Problem is I don't know what they like...don't know their colors...etc
So, I'm giving them a choice of one of the 5 quilt tops I have finished or almost finished.
These are the five:

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Decorating with quilts... Yes, they ARE art

When I created this mini it was as a challenge   ..... I never considered where I would use it afterwards. The colors weren't ones I normally would choose for a quilt but once it was finished I realized it would be a perfect accent in my master bath. This is a temporary location for it...I'm going to find a frame with glass on the front and back to sandwich it between....then hang it above my towel rack.

As I was cleaning the house today...and my sewing room especially ... I tried to come up with a better container for my many scraps. My sweet hubby suggested the bin under the kitchen sink...very funny.
Digging through the basement for plastic totes, this old seed bin almost fell on my head! A Newton moment :) It's a bit rustic on the outside but spotless inside... Fits perfectly with my rustic modern house. And after dumping in my scraps....well... TONS more space! 

Monday, October 2, 2017

October color and UFO

The scrappy color for this month is PINK ๐Ÿ’•
I have a good amount of pink scraps to use but I also have this beautiful hunk of Kona Flamingo(this was a birthday gift from my daughter Lisa)..the color of the year๐Ÿ˜. I've been waiting to cut into it... just might be the month. Id like to make a two color quilt, Flamingo and a slightly off-white. I haven't decided on a pattern yet though.

So the UFO for October is #6. For me that would be my Vintage Farm Girl blocks, which have been done for 3+ years.. yeah... not holding out hope of getting that done though. I have 2 quilts that HAVE to be done first ...and a table runner. Plus I have company coming to stay for a week, some canning to do, birthday cookies to bake for two family members AND I'll be working two jobs๐Ÿ˜ฉ. 
Sure is going to be a busy month here....

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Making a mini Log Cabin quilt

Have you seen CURATED QUILTS? Well, for Issue 2 they are asking for mini quilts made with the colors I used below in a "log cabin" to be submitted to them for possible inclusion. I love a challenge and also love log cabins. 
This is my's about 14" square. It's two-sided because I had leftover fabric and I just LOVE interesting backs. And, yes, the back is a log cabin too.


Curated Quilts

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tomatoes and sleepless nights

It's canning season! The temps finally dipped from 90+ to mid 60's so I decided to give quilting a break for a day and get these tomatoes done.

Two pots of sauce later .... Off to the sewing room while that cooks down a bit

I started a new quilt at 2am the other night...couldn't sleep so I thought, why not.

This is the results of that sleepless night... I started these blocks with scraps and stash fabric. There are now 18 out of 25 blocks finished. Time to stir the sauce :)

Monday, September 25, 2017

Planning my next scrappy quilt

I've completed the ORANGE scrappy blocks for September and thought it's probably time to plan a layout of these smaller UNNAMED scrap blocks. 

I have about 50 blocks made but not necessarily the RIGHT colors for what I'm planning.
So below is what I have in mind... This is an EQ7 drawing of it:

I have some gray and tan which I've decided to work in where I don't have enough of a particular the second row of purple...that will be gray instead.
I made a list of what I need and will start stitching those up...any odd, leftover blocks will go on the back.

My quilt will be 72x82". Now to get cutting!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Blogger Quilt Festival QUILT

This is my entry into the Amy's Creative Side BLOGGER QUILT FESTIVAL. This was a quilt made using up colorful scraps through Angela's RAINBOW SCRAP CHALLENGE. Link to ANGELAS BLOG
Each month she chooses a color for us to make blocks of our choice out of. I skipped ahead and made the orange and pink blocks so that I could get this finished up. It'll be a sewing room quilt for...ME :)

I had one leftover bobbin block that I made by altering a Cotton Way pattern. The leftover made a great quilt label.

This Spools and Bobbins quilt was a fun quilt to make and a great way to use up some scraps...although nowhere NEAR making a dent in my huge pile. 

I took a final picture of it downtown as Al and I went out to breakfast. The weather has been amazing for September.

I am also linking to OH SCRAP ... button on the left side of my blog.

American Jane beauty

My American Jane quilt is coming along nicely but not without many HICCUPS. I added a small border on the New York Beauty center... A bla...